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  1. OBS Chroma and Color Keying?

    In other words, Chroma would be more used for Green Screens but Color Key for graphics computer
  2. Now doing graphics/templates

    Which one?
  3. Rock Music Chilean

    Since the video is private i'm locking this
  4. AfterFX Error code #42361234

    Can you be more specific? When does that happen?
  5. Help

    Not sure if this is a real question.
  6. Stream Processors

    I'm not sure rendering has anything to do with graphics card. It does help for the FX but the rest is handled by the CPU
  7. I cant hear music playing

    Okay interesting bug, good to know thanks!
  8. After Effects Templates [Store]

    Which one?
  9. Now doing graphics/templates

    I also take (free)template suggestions if you have any ideas
  10. My first time

    What project?
  11. Hey

    Welcome in
  12. I cant hear music playing

    How did you manage to change the music (Right click/Replace?) Where (which comp) and how do you playback the music
  13. Now doing graphics/templates

    Join the Discord
  14. Frequently Asked Questions [After Effects]

    How is it hard, it's just posting few stuff