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  1. Orange Is The New Blakc or My best serie

    I dont like it so much. My favorite is still Supernatural
  2. so nobody likes the flash?

    flash is a really nice tv serie. im so excited what happends in season 3
  3. Proximity & Trap Nation

    nope, sry... but i dont like the music prox is uplouding.. trap nation is still on point on every uploud
  4. Wave Musics Visualizer!

    i like it! its simple and clear. would use this too.
  5. What do you think? [Preview]

    cool sound :)! did you already finished it ?
  6. Haikyu

    wow, this is really good! just reposted it with my soundcloud
  7. i dont like it that much... that one from trap wolve is really sick!! check this out
  8. Clash Of Clans

    TH9 Lvl 80 My clan ist DGaming Name: Jonghe
  9. Infinite Warfare

    i saw a gameplay and i thing they dont disappoined.. so, cool game
  10. Line of Sight

    Someone playing Line of Sight ? My clan just opened a clan and we are looking for good players You can add me on steam. name is the same.
  11. Warframe

    Hey, just add me on Steam My name is the same.
  12. 0,99$ Customized MousePad

    is there free shipping to germany ? cuz they look really cool!
  13. CS:GO players?

    Mine is xaN Add me if you find me
  14. What's your favorite song?

    Still my fav. This is just awesome and i love the vocals so much!!
  15. OMFG is actually a dude?

    First Video ist private... So, what do you mean ^^ ?