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  1. Thoughts on Trump?

    There is so much drama going on with each side. But I agree it is a historic election
  2. The Walking Dead

    Can anyone see this thread at least?
  3. Cant wait til I get approved!
  4. After Effects Templates [Store]

    When am I going to get approved? Its been days
  5. After Effect Audio Spectrum

    Hopefully there will be some active members
  6. I like to present you my channel

    Nice channel!
  7. Song I'm using for future video

    This is hilarious but I like it!

    I love dubstep! One of my favorites. I also like Hip Hop
  9. Wave Musics Visualizer!

    I think it looks pretty good to me.
  10. Hi

    Hi everyone! I'm also from America (US) as well
  11. Hello

    I'm Twin! Nice to meet you all
  12. Hi!

    Love these templates! Great job David!
  13. hallo

    Hi Xuffiz
  14. Hey!!!

    Hi I'm also new here!