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  1. I cant hear music playing

    Fixed the problem by converting mp3 file to wav.
  2. I cant hear music playing

    Yes it was right click and replace, the first song I replaced worked, it was Knock you down which you used in your video too. But when I tried to use a different song it didn't work Now I don't know what you mean by "where" but I playbacked the music by pressing space.
  3. I cant hear music playing

    I'm pretty much new to adobe after effects, I'm using the cc 2017 version.. basically when I change the music from your template (Monstercar Podcast), I can't hear any music playing in the preview and the spectrum isn't moving aswell since the music isn't playing.. any tips on how to fix that problem?
  4. Electronic Music! New Releases! :)

  5. What's new

    hi there!
  6. Proximity & Trap Nation

    both channels are great
  7. What do you think? [Preview]

    its great
  8. Who likes proximity style?

    its neat
  9. Hip Hop Fans? (new song out)

  10. DEAMN - Sign

  11. I like to present you my channel

    nice channel
  12. Song I'm using for future video

    cool song
  13. favorite movie?

    Any horror movie pretty much:)

    I love csgo too!
  15. Dreadnought

    Looks cool imo