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  1. Now doing graphics/templates

    Or RnB nations, smoke effect, they're basically the same
  2. Thoughts on leafy

    An edgy (should be) teenager
  3. Rock Music Chilean

    I barely speak spanish but I like it
  4. favorite movie?

    American Psycho
  5. Seven Lions & Echos - Cold Skin

    Sounds like something Tarro would make
  6. Now doing graphics/templates

    I want to ask if you know how to make Rap Nations Visualizer, more specifically, the smoke effect it has on the beat
  7. The Chainsmokers - Closer Ft.Halsey (T3JAS FLIP)

    What happened to the video
  8. Dubstep Page

    Is there any kind of Dubstep that's good anymore? I've been wanting to see something like Doctor P or Benga or something, that fits the 2010 vibe.
  9. What's new

    I plan to start producing once i get my hands on a DAW that's reliable
  10. I like to present you my channel

    What font is that?
  11. Wave Musics Visualizer!

    That's Pretty Clean
  12. Make Rendering Go Faster?

    Anyone know a rig that could render the fastest?
  13. Logo like Zedd?

    Whats the name?

    Can we see an example?
  15. What kind of logo do you want it to be? Like a "lets get lit" kind of logo, or a chill kind of logo, etc.