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  1. Yep. I found this forum on Youtube while looking for a music template. Specifically I found the forum with this one, I was trying to recreate the CloudKid visuals haha. .
  2. In need of Chill no copyright music.

    Hi! Chill Nation does post music that mostly hasno copyright. Of course, you don't want to post every single thing that Chill Nation does, so I would jump around on these three channels. 1. chillnation 2. chillyourmind 3. Electroposé If you are looking for smaller channels with no copyright, I would recommend. 1. heroboard - 2. CFN is copyright free, but usually has more electronic music, similar to heroboard. Here are some tips for your channel. 1. If you stumble across a certain song you particularly like, I would search for the song on youtube. If there are people who posted the music before you, you will not receive a copyright strike, otherwise the video would have either (1) been removed/muted (2) been blocked in certain countries. 2. Always keep your earss open for new music. I like listening to Spotify Discover Weekly, Spotify Fresh Finds, and Spotify New Music Friday for the latest tracks. You can always contact a band or their management team to see if you have permission to post their songs. 3. Youtube does have a copyright database. It doesnt recognize many songs, so I wouldnt rely on it too much, but depending on the record label, some songs are not allowed in certain countries, or at all. You can check this here: Hope this helps! Good luck on that Youtube Channel! Reply with a link and I'd love to check out your channel.
  3. BattleField 1 Thoughts?

    Who else really loves Battlefield 1 (XBOX ONE)? The graphics are superb and surreal, the multiplayer is engaging, and solo missions are difficult haha. What were your thoughts on the game?
  4. Any Channels like Cloudkid?

    Just like you, I love CloudKid as well. TheSoundYouNeed has some really good, funky Hip Hop vibes. Cloudkid also has a chat moderator on his livestreams who also shares some really good music on his soundcloud. His name is Loranos. (However, its most of the music that Cloudkid posts.) Cloudkid kinda has a repeating pattern of new and existing artists, so I suggest following some of the artists Cloudkid uploads, such as Lucian, Louis the Child, and see what music they might repost or playlists they create. Once again, Cloudkid has an amazing channel and it is so unique. I hope this helps!
  5. SPLIT move ending?

    Hi I saw the split movie and people were all talking about the end. I don't want to spoil anything but who was the guy that they mentioned in the end? I didnt get it. thank you!
  6. Hi! Here are some of my favorite electronic songs with vocals from 2016. I hope you enjoy. Which song was your favorite? TRACK LIST: - Girls Like U (Tarro Remix) - Ojivolta - Game Plan (feat. Jon Bellion) - Louis the Child - Fire (feat. Evalyn) - Whether - Can’t Hide (feat. Ashe) - Cash Cash - How To Love (feat. Sofia Reyes) [Boombox Cartel Remix] - k?d - Discover (feat. RKCB) - Mako - Run For Your Life (feat. Natalola) - Mako, The Him - Wish You Back (feat. Kwesi) [Edit]
  7. What is the different and uses for Chroma keying and color keying in OBS? Aren't they the same thing?
  8. Hi! If you look at the Monstercat 24/7 or the Electroposé channels on youtube, they have live music with a visualizer that reacts to music? I am specifically looking for one similar to Cloudkid's, which is circular. Either mac or pc is fine. Thanks for the help!
  9. After Effects Templates [Store]

    Thank you! That's awesome
  10. Hi, I saw something on the store that said all items on the store are free after 15 posts. Is it doing posts like these that work? I'm a bit unsure. Thanks for your help!