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In need of Chill no copyright music.

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Hey all, Im looking for some great no copyright chill music for my youtube channel. If anybody has any links or any other access i would love it if you could reach out. Thanks!!

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Hi! Chill Nation does post music that mostly has no copyright. Of course, you don't want to post every single thing that Chill Nation does, so I would jump around on these three channels. 


1. chillnation

2. chillyourmind

3. Electroposé

If you are looking for smaller channels with no copyright, I would recommend. 

1. heroboard -

2. CFN CFN is copyright free, but usually has more electronic music, similar to heroboard. 


Here are some tips for your channel. 

1. If you stumble across a certain song you particularly like, I would search for the song on youtube. If there are people who posted the music before you, you will not receive a copyright strike, otherwise the video would have either (1) been removed/muted (2) been blocked in certain countries. 

2. Always keep your earss open for new music. I like listening to Spotify Discover Weekly, Spotify Fresh Finds, and Spotify New Music Friday for the latest tracks. You can always contact a band or their management team to see if you have permission to post their songs. 

3. Youtube does have a copyright database. It doesnt recognize many songs, so I wouldnt rely on it too much, but depending on the record label, some songs are not allowed in certain countries, or at all. You can check this here:


Hope this helps! Good luck on that Youtube Channel! Reply with a link and I'd love to check out your channel.

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